Harty Hedgehog
and his
BuZZy Friends
Books for young children created by Michael Walter

At last, a charming series of rhyming children’s books that really help parents and grandparents to teach important life lessons, while being appealing to children too.

Written in inspirational verse by Kent-based children’s author Michael Walter, the BuZZy Friends books were created to amuse his granddaughter, Alice, and her young friends.

The BuZZy Friends books see four animal characters - Harty the Hedgehog, Treacle the Kitten, Garlanda Goose and Officer Buzzle the Bee - guide children through a variety of experiences in their own special way. The ‘BuZZy Code’, featured in each book, is a gentle guide to good behaviour, encouraging children to be nice people too!

This wonderful series of books are full of advice, information and fun filled activities to stimulate and engage young minds, ensuring that they keep children thoroughly entertained.

Meet the author
Michael Walter's career has seen him travel the world managing global brands. An international branding expert, he advises clients and mentors young business entrepreneurs.

Now, inspired by his granddaughter Alice, he has turned his attention to inspiring young children, creating the BuZZy Friends stories in motivational verse to guide growth and development, and promote good manners and behaviour.

Michael says: “At school, I was good at English. Not so much spelling and ‘stuff’, but at essays and writing. ‘A vivid imagination’ is how one of my teachers described it, and I guess he meant that I had lots of ideas. I liked poetry too, and could often write about subjects in verse, which was fun.

We lived in America for a number of years, so our three children enjoyed an education in both countries. We read books at bedtime (sometimes the same one over and over again!) and we even made up our own stories, which were often more fun. Maybe that’s where this passion for children’s books was nurtured? I didn’t notice at the time.
The meaning of ‘BuZZY’

The word ‘BuZZy’ came from Michael’s Great Grandma, a famous actress in the 1890s, who used it to describe people and things she found cute or interesting. She had many a tale to tell.

Michael’s greatest pleasure is to spend time with his grandchildren, Alice and Brodie, and his BuZZy Friends stories were originally written for them.

The book see Harty Hedgehog and his Buzzy Friends guide children through a variety of experiences in their own special way; and the ‘BuZZy Code’ serves as a gentle guide to good behaviour.
About the illustrator
Nick Owen is a freelance artist with over 30 years experience in advertising and design. He has worked on a diverse range of projects, ranging from Teletubbies and Disney to British Aerospace and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Today, much of Nick’s work is as an illustrator creating pencil, watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings both traditionally and in Photoshop. He loves to draw and paint landscapes and portraits and makes beautiful stained glass pieces as a hobby.

Nick enjoys long walks in the countryside with his family and may have stumbled upon Bunny Lane during country walks from his home in Tunbridge Wells.

Nick has entered the BuZZy World with enormous enthusiasm and is having great fun bringing the characters and stories to life with his lovely illustrations.