BuZZy Friends

OFFICER BUZZLE really, really can fly, if you sit by a flower, you may see him buzz by.

You can hear him arrive with a sound like a hum, collecting pollen for honey is what he calls fun.

Although OFFICER BUZZLE is a Bumbly Bee, when people do wrong, they will suddenly see a change from him dancing from flower to flower, to be keeper of law with incredible power.

He can make an arrest and make criminals sing; If they fail to behave, he can give them a sting!

As police OFFICER BUZZLE he is put to the test, but making honey from flowers is what he likes best.

When you meet GARLANDA, ask her to explain how she was called such an unusual name.

It was neither her wings, nor the strength of her peck, but because of the flowers in a chain round her neck.

‘Flowers are called garlands when you wear them like this, so they named me GARLANDA’ she says with a hiss. GARLANDA is powerful, brave and alert, she likes to make sure her friends don’t get hurt.

Like a mummy she looks out for dangerous things and bravely protects all her friends with her wings.

She stands guard at night and until every day ends; She’s the bravest of all of our cute BuZZy friends.

TREACLE the kitten has white booted paws, whiskers that bounce up and down when he purrs; Bright golden eyes that can see for a mile!

TREACLE at play makes everyone smile. Treacle-striped fur, a white bib on his chest; He purrs very loud doing what he likes best.

Chasing all things that move is his idea of fun, then falling asleep when the chasing is done.

On cold winter nights he curls up on your knee. Treacle is as BuZZy as BuZZy can be!

HARTY the Hedgehog is not very tall, If he ever feels scared, he rolls up in a ball!

His prickly spines keep attackers at bay. He’s awake in the night and sleepy all day.

See him walk a few steps and dig in the ground, and pause just to eat all the things he has found.

He lives under a hedge or a pile of old leaves; Incredibly modest about all he achieves.

HARTY is clever and studies his books, with his specs on his nose, how BuZZy he looks.

BuZZy HARTY is thoughtful and incredibly kind, but not very easy for PEOPLE to find!