Five reasons why playing an instrument is great for children

A fabulous hobby for any child, playing a musical instrument is a creative and educational way to spend time, and kids have such a fun time learning how to make music.

There are loads of advantages associated with learning how to play an instrument, and the earlier that children start, the more they will benefit!

Improves memory

Playing an instrument gives the brain an amazing cognitive workout, and this helps to improve the way that memories are created, stored, and retrieved.

This is ideal for children who are often busy learning new information, especially during the school day, as it means that they will find it easier to retain and process the lessons that they are being taught.

Teaches them patience

Learning how to play a musical instrument takes a lot of time and perseverance, which will help children to understand how to be patient in order to achieve both long and short term goals.

It will also help them to appreciate the importance of practicing and working hard to reach their targets, whether this is a song that they want to play, or if they want to earn their place in a school band.

Gives them the opportunity to get creative

When children pick up a musical instrument, they have the opportunity to express themselves and have fun creating new sounds in a learning environment.

This is ideal for children who may otherwise have difficulty in expressing their feelings, as it allows them to grow their confidence and find enjoyment in being creative.

Creates an understanding of culture

Through learning how to play a musical instrument, children can find out information about the history of music, and a variety of music genres, which will begin to give them an understanding of different cultures and how music plays an important part in so many of them.

It’s a great social activity

Hobbies offer children plenty of opportunities to meet those with similar interests, and learning to play a musical instrument is no different.

By taking group lessons, joining the school orchestra, or starting their own band, children can make lots of new friends who share their creativity and love of music.

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