The amazing benefits of rhyming books

It is a well-known fact that children can build and improve their reading, writing and communication skills through being read books, but did you know that listening to rhyming books could make children even more successful in these areas?

Rhyme, rhythm and repetition all help to boost children’s language skills, which is why reading them rhyming books is such a fantastic way to get them prepared for the world of literacy and communication.

The steady beat that runs through rhyming books is one of the key elements for helping children to understand the flow of a book and, in time, become strong readers.

And, being a strong reader gives children plenty of benefits, including being better at expressing themselves, increasing their confidence, and helping them to become more creative.

Helping children to become familiar with rhyming words is a great way to encourage them to detect the sounds that make up each word, which gives them an understanding of phonetics.

As children begin to learn that rhyming words end with the same sound, they will be able to break down words into sections, and this will help them to create longer words in time.

This also works well when children are learning to write, as once they know how to spell a certain sound they will be able to apply this to all rhyming words which use the same sound, and gain an understanding of spelling sequences.

Children also enjoy listening to, and reading, rhyming books as they involve a lot of voice inflection which really helps them to develop an understanding of different sounds.

To get your children involved when you are reading them a rhyming book, point out the rhyming words as they occur and then ask them to suggest more words that rhyme with them. It is also fun to create rhyming songs or games around the words found in the story.

By reading rhyming books to children, not only are you helping them to understand how different words and sounds are linked, but it also gives them enjoyment which will promote an important love of books and language.

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