Three benefits of reading to children

We love books here at BuZZy Friends, not only are they fun and engaging but they also help us to broaden our minds and become more creative ourselves.

Sharing books with others, especially children, is beneficial to everyone involved and creates a really great experience.

These are our three favourite benefits of reading books to your children:

Reading prepares them for school

Reading to children is the perfect way to prepare them for school as it teaches them lots of the skills required to learn new information effectively.

Sitting and listening to you reading a book will improve your child’s ability to concentrate and focus, and will also get them used to absorbing new information.

Try encouraging your child to ask questions about the story once you have finished reading the book. Not only will this help to develop their vocabulary skills, but it will also help them to get used to seeking answers and explanations.

In addition to this, try reading books on the topic of starting school so that your child will begin to form an idea of what to expect.

Reading feeds their imagination

Books are full of fantastic adventures and exciting characters, and stories are quite often accompanied by wonderful illustrations, all of which are fantastic for fuelling a child’s imagination.

To engage their imagination even further, try asking your child to draw their own book character, or make up their own story based on the characters in the book you have read to them. As they get older you can ask them to write these down too!

You can also try using props to tell the story and encourage them to do the same. This adds another imaginative dimension to the story and gives children the opportunity to be even more creative.

Reading creates quality time

Taking the time to sit with your child and read a book can really help to strengthen the bond between you, and it is a great activity for when you both need a bit of time to relax.

Linking reading to spending quality time with you will also help your child to develop a positive attitude towards reading for pleasure, meaning that it could be a hobby they carry through to adulthood.

Keep in mind that your child is likely to want to copy the things that you do, so if they see you enjoying a book or magazine, they will be encouraged to pick one up themselves.

There are plenty more reasons why reading to children is beneficial, so take some time to get lost in a great story together today.

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